Buying at a Discount
Top 10 Problems and How to Solve Them!

Buying at a discount is always a great idea if you are buyer, but not if you want to sell for the highest price! So you won't find it easy. 

If you are struggling to buy at a discount then find your problem below and follow the solution. Can't find your problem? Then call us on 0845 838 1763 or email us at

Problem One
I Don't know where to start!
Problem Two
Can't find discounted property
Problem Three
How to check out property sourcing companies?
Problem Four
I don't know the area
Problem Five
How to find a surveyor
Problem Six
I have paid someone to source a property but they haven't
Problem Seven
I want a refund from a property sourcing company
Problem Eight
Must I declare the actual price I'm paying for the property to a lender?
Problem Nine
Buyers' won't accept my offers
Problem Ten
Working out the 'true' value of a property

Problem One: Don’t know where to start! 


The first thing you need to do is properly understand, or find people/companies that you can trust to find a property’s ‘true value’.

Secondly you need to work out if you could afford to buy in your local area, or where else it might be worth buying.

Thirdly you need to then read magazines like Your Property Network – send your email address to us and we’ll sign you up for two FREE copies!

Problem Two: Can’t find any discounted property

You need to visit local property auctions and we suggest that you sign up to so you can research details of how much properties are advertised and sell for.

Secondly, you need to get to know local agents and solicitors so that you can source properties prior to them going on the open market.

Thirdly, you can try leafleting in areas where properties are likely to be repossessed and/or had properties that have been ‘for sale’ for three months or more.

Problem Three: How do I check out a property sourcing company?  

VERY VERY CAREFULLY. Companies that we know have cases against them include Ajay Ahuja. The best thing to do is:-

1. Contact us via or 0845 838 1763 with the offer details you have.

2. Speak to Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action and he will advise if he has any court cases (this is published information) against them.

3. Carry out a personal check for just a few hundred pounds on the directors.

4. Don’t work with companies that insist you use their legal/finance company.

5. Don’t hand over any money unless they allow you to visit the property and have your own independent survey carried out.

Problem Four: I don’t know the area


If you don’t know the area you are buying in, then you need to have people and companies there that you can trust will do a good job for you. For example, visit the local Belvoir Lettings office FIRST as they will know what properties are worth buying that can be let out at a profit. They will also provide a management and maintenance service for you. Contact us via or 0845 838 1763.

We also work with companies such as PPB that have ‘below market value’ property schemes in areas such as Barnsley. Contact us via or 0845 838 1763.

Problem Five: I don’t know how to find an independent surveyor


Feel free to contact us via or 0845 838 1763, or visit our find a surveyor page and read our FAQs on the different types of surveys.

Problem Six: I have paid a property company to source a property at discounted value and they haven’t found anything yet.


You need to check your contract and write a letter to the company to request your money back and give the reasons why. Send the letter by recorded delivery and make sure that you have a record of all the conversations via email/writing/any phone calls etc.  This way if you need to take legal action it should help. Contact us via or 0845 838 1763 if you need help with the letter.

Problem Seven: I can’t get my money back from a property sourcing company.


You need to check the agreement that you signed with the company to see what happens under these circumstances. You can also send your contract to us and contact us or Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action to help you get your money back.

Problem Eight: A property investment company says I don’t have to declare the actual price I'm paying for the property – is this true?


No it’s not! Lenders MUST be given the actual value you pay and any incentives you OR the property investment company are given. Please contact us immediately via or 0845 838 1763 if this has happened to you. 

Problem Nine: Buyers' won’t accept my offers.


The best way to help with this one is, if we offered YOU 20% less than your property would be worth, would you accept it? Funnily enough no-one has accepted our offer yet! For someone to be able to accept an offer at Below Market Value they need to:-

1. Be able to (ie not end up in negative equity)
2. Be a bit desperate to sell (to avoid repossession or buy another property)
3. Need to sell, moving abroad, an ‘unmissable’ deadline!

What you need to do is, be good and honest at explaining the valuations and why they should accept an offer below market value.

Contact us via or 0845 838 1763 if you need help learning how to ‘sell’ below market value offers to buyers. 

Problem Ten: I don’t know how to work out the ‘true’ value for a property.


It’s not a surprise! It isn’t easy and through the credit crunch even industry professionals, such as surveyors, have struggled! Read our articles and FAQs on valuing property. Buy our eBook on how to value a property. Ask us to value a property for just £99. Secure a valuation from a locally experienced surveyor (contact us via or 0845 838 1763  if you need one).

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