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Has the residential property market finally turned the corner?
What's happening in your town? A good start to the property market year for 2013 – but will it last? Radio Nottingham March 2013 Property Market Update by Kate Faulkner
What's happening in the property market now? Will 2013 prove a turning point in the property market? What's happening to property prices regionally?
Local property experts are essential to help buyers and sellers in 2013 National Average House Prices are now Meaningless! What's happening to property prices to date?
Will the 2013 Property Market bring any Good News? What'shappening to property prices regionally? Selling strategies for 2013, sell through an award winning Estate Agent
Kate Faulkners Latest Market Update with BBC Radio Nottingham What's Happening to Property Prices to Date? If you haven't sold yet, should you have a new plan for 2013?
Kate Faulkner's Latest Property Price Summary Latest Summary & Analysis of Rental Reports Latest Rental Market Summary & Analysis
What does the future Buying, Selling and Investment Market hold for you? Kate Faulkner's Nottingham Property Analysis from BBC Radio Nottingham Property Price Summary and Analysis for September 2012
Sell or Rent? Time to Buy a Bargain? Are we heading towards the bottom of the market or a new property price crash? Future Property Price Predictions 2012-2013
How to Negotiate on a New Build Property Property Prices Since the Credit Crunch So if you are a First Time Buyer, is now the right time to Jump on the Property Ladder?
How to Price Property Insurance for Buildings How do you Value Land?
First Time Buyers Market Report & Analysis Is now a good time to buy or sell a home? Selling your Large Home and Buying a Smaller One
Economy Follows Property Prices into a Double Dip Current Property Market Analysis: Is now the time to sell your home? Future Market: Is the Property Market driving the recession or will the recession drive prices down further?
BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Analysis For Sale and Sold Boards: How to find out what's happening in your local property market Kate Faulkner's Latest Nottingham Property Market Update on BBC Radio
Should First Time Buyers Take the Plunge in 2012? Selling Property and Trading Up in 2012 Making Money from Property and Buy to Let
Past Market Performance: Property Prices Start to Freeze Current Market: 2012 a Good Year to Buy? Future Market: What Impact will another Recession have on the Property Market?
Is Having the House Number 13 Really Unlucky? Investment and Property Kate Faulkner's Market Update for BBC Radio Nottingham
Land Registry Reveals Latest Property Information for 2011 To Rent or Buy? Sold For House Prices - London
BBC Radio Nottingham Property Round Up Mortgage Changes Implications of the FSA Mortgage Changes for the Housing Market
Value of the Property - Renovation and Refurbishment Mayor Publishes Revised Housing Strategy for London Agreement of Lease - Building and  Maintenance Services
Latest news on New Builds Summary of the Government's new Housing Strategy Initiatives Will the New Build Indemnity Scheme Work?
Independent Survey for Property The Buying Solution - 2011 Property Market Round-up Buying a Flat above a Shop
New Build Homes Mortgages for Buy to Let What effect could Europe have on future house prices?
Tips on Selling BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Update How will the Eurozone crisis affect the Market?
Lease on Property - Leaseholder Advice Property market in the UK v's Heights of 2007 How Can I Buy a House?
Estate Inheritance Current Market: If you are not motivated to sell, stay where you are! Future Market: Will Unemployment Continue to Increase?
Buying a Home Guide Legal Property Advice Past Market Performance - Sold Prices Property
To Sell a House in the UK New House Sale Tax on Capital Gains
Sell Property at Auction Underpinned House - Should I demolish it? Damp Stains on a Chimney Breast and Adjacent Ceiling - It may be Salts
Buying Property - For No Money Down Radio Nottingham Property Market Update First Time Buyers' Home - Right Time to Buy?
How to Value Property Shared Ownership Property Sale The Best Mortgage
Procedure for Selling a House House building levels need improvement according to NHBC Selling a House without an Estate Agent
Launch of Mortgage Verification Scheme to Combat Fraud Maintenance Charge How to Sell a Property Quickly
First Time Buyers' Home Purchase Guide Sale Price of Property Prime London Property Market Comment
Buying Property as an Investment Selling and Buying a House - The Legal Company Share of Property
If you need to sell: Listen to your local Property Professionals! Property Help BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Update
How to Sell My Property Advice on Property Buying Property Advice
Affordable Social Housing CML Report on updated Mortgage and Housing Market Forecasts Home Books
Inheritance Property Checklist for Choosing House Books Sellers - Don't Test the Market!
To Rent or To Buy Sale of Property - Home Downsizing Buy Property Investment to Renovate
Should you trade up in a falling market? Estate Agents Fee Deeds to House - A Power of Attorney
First Time Buyers: If you have a £20,000 salary you could buy a home for £60,000! Trading up: Great time if your finances are in good order Should you trade up in a depressed, but stable market?
What will happen to Property over the Summer 2011? Choose your Legal or Conveyancing Company with Care Property Survey Report
Historic Market: Steady as she goes! Current Property Market: Mixed picture, determined buyers and sellers succeed, half hearted efforts fail! Future Market: Lack of confidence and economic uncertainty hold property market back
New FirstBuy Scheme Announced Beware this £26m Property Fraud Buying a Property with Tenants
New website to help you plan your money with a ‘money health check' (as seen on BBC) When you Move House do you need a Removal Company or Can you Do it Yourself? Choose an Estate Agent and Mortgage
First Time Buyer Home Three Step Guide on How to Haggle in the Current Property Market How to avoid being stung buying property in a falling market
BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Update Properties & News Featured in Kate Faulkner's BBC Radio Nottingham Interview How can you work out what's happening in the housing market?
What should you consider if you are downsizing your home? How do you get the best deal when buying a house? How to Maximise your Property's Value
How do you sell a property quickly if you are in debt? What are your Property Options if you are getting Divorced When is the best time to downsize your home?
Bank Base Rate Decision Buy and Sell a House when moving due to Relocation of Office or New Job When should you sell if someone has died, leaving you their property?
When should you buy if you are having a baby? When is the best time to Sell a House? Should you ‘move or improve' if you are moving due to a growing family?
Kate Faulkner in action at Grand Designs Live, ExCel When is the right time to buy a home? Is now a good time to buy a property if you are First Time Buyer?
Tips to Sell a House Buying and Selling Market Update April 2011 Current Property Market
Homebuyer Centres make Gazumping and Gazundering a thing of the past Solicitors for Conveyancing Residential Property Surveys
What should Stamp Duty amounts be if they were linked to house prices? Phil Spencer really is a genuinely nice chap! Rate Rise Expectations Swing
Who’s the best Property Writer? DIY Conveyancing How to Double First Time Buyer Lending
Lend a Hand Mortgages The Perils of Cheap Conveyancing Will preliminary contracts when buying and selling a home work?
Focus on Nottingham - Wow and oooh of properties featured! New Properties UK 2011 Budget - Housing
Which Conveyancing Provider is Right For You? Housing Market in the UK Property Auction Market Update
Can you trust a ‘Property Guru’? Kate Faulkner's Property Update on BBC Radio Nottingham with Frances Finn Why Choose Online Conveyancing?
First Time Buyer Home Mixed Picture Emerges for Repossessions How to Spot Boom and Bust Property Cycles!
House Prices in UK for January 2011 Are New Build Properties a Good Buy? Regional Variations in the Auction Property Market
New Homes Bonuses – Will it Succeed or Fail? Anyone can be a Victim of Squatters - Take Precautions! Localism and New Homes Bonus Back Firing
First Time Buyer Stamp Duty How to Buy a Flat First Time Buyer Mortgage Interest Rates
2011 Predictions Which is the Best First Time Buyers' Mortgage? Different Types of First Time Buyers' Mortgages
What can you do to avoid squatters taking over your property? Dealing with Squatters Adverse Possession
High Risk Residential Markets – New report from Savills Got a good estate agent? Give them a good report! Property Investment Fraud by a Developer and Surveyor Exposed to the tune of £50 million!
House Auction Prices - Bag a Property Bargain in 2011? New Homes Market - Which are the Top Performing Areas? The Best Mortgages
Ongoing low mortgage rates create an ‘interest rate-spoilt’ generation House Prices in UK - December 2010 Property Analysis House Prices by Area
Kate Faulkner's Nottingham Property Market Review January 2011 with BBC Radio Nottingham Conveyancing on the Move! Stats reveal slump in new home permissions as Coalition policies bite
Making Money from Property Make Money from Property in 2011 Is this the UK’s top property?
Cost of Selling a House Capital Gains Tax House Sale Guide to Selling a House
First Time Buyer Help First Time Buyer Advice First Time Buyer House
What Should Buyers and Sellers do in 2011? Auction Property Market - Activity Remains High New Built Homes - Increased Stock and Lack of Buyers
Selling Property Myth No.3 - Bake Some Bread and Put the Coffee on Selling Property Myth No.4 - Paint it Magnolia! Selling Property Myth No.5 - Decluttering!
Estate Agent Awards 2010 Selling Property Myth No.1 - Price property high and then drop the price! Selling Property Myth No.2 - Should a Property have Kerb Appeal?
BBC Radio Nottingham - Property Market Update Grave concern about Grant Shapps Decision to scrap House Building Standards Give your old phones to the Homeless!
To Rent or Buy? Guttering Cleaning and Repairs What’s happening in the Construction Industry?
House Property Prices - 'north-south' divide developing? House Auction Prices - Now could be the time to bag a bargain! New Built Homes Continue to 'Buck the Trend'
First Time Buyer Myth No.3 - Can't Afford a Deposit First Time Buyer Myth No.4 - Property is too Expensive First Time Buyer Myth No.5 - Mortgage Broker recommended by estate agent
Buying Myth No.5 - A Mortgage Valuation is a Survey First Time Buyer Myth No.1 - You Can't Trust Anyone First Time Buyer Myth No.2 - It's simple ... isn't it?
Buying Myth No.2 - All Estate Agents are the same Buying Myth No.3 - You must talk to our mortgage broker! Buying Myth No.4 - All Cracks are Bad
Avoiding a £500 survey could cost buyers nearly £2,000! Disused Farm Buildings could be used for Affordable Housing Buying Myth No.1 - The perfect property IS out there
House Auction Prices - a distinct lack of activity in August! New Built Homes Performing OK What impact will the Spending Cuts have on Buying and Selling in 2011?
First Time Buyer Guide Tips for Selling a House House Property Prices - Is there dwindling activity in the Housing Market?
Buy to Let Companies Cost of Selling a House Property Books
Property Renovation for Sale Buy to Let in UK Buy to Let Houses
Property Sale Price Capital Gains Tax Property Sale The Property Ladder
First Time Buyer Home 100 Mortgages for First Time Buyers Residential Property Sale
New Built Houses Managing to Hold Value House Auction Prices - Market Cooling Land Prices UK - Residential, Agricultural and Development
First time buyer mortgage deals Pitfalls of BMV Properties Prices of Houses Sold - Media Reporting
Sarah Beeny’s New Property Show: Help! My House is Falling Down Kate Faulkner’s Top 10 Property Survey Tips! Kate’s 10 Property Survey Tips for Buyers!
Number of Property Repossessions Falling Mortgage Best Buys House Moving Tips and Free Move Day Checklist
How to sell a property in a falling market Flat Living is Launching Nationwide Leaseholders Roadshows BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Update with Frances Finn
Is the Housing Market Really Slowing? New Homes suffering from a lack of buyers Top Five Websites to Help you Value your Home
House Auction Prices - Market Continues to Stall How to check out the Local Property Market What to ask the Agents to better understand your Local Property Market
Advice for Buyers and Sellers for the rest of 2010! Be Alarmed – Be Very Alarmed! Moving House Tips - Moving with Pets
Calling all Buyers: Don’t rush into buying a property! Property Selling Advice - New research reveals how to maximise your home's value! House Property Prices - Market Snapshot
Is now a good time to Buy or Sell Property Overseas? Prices of New Homes in UK remain steady The Legal Steps to Buying and Selling
Think of the House Purchase Costs when Viewing Properties How to Make and Accept an Offer Are House Auction Prices improving ... or is it just a one off?
Property Price News - New builds continue to be great value for money Top Tips for Picking Removal Services Essential steps to a stress free moving day
Are you living in a lucky house? Kate Faulkner presents her local property report on BBC Radio Nottingham House Property Prices - Is the media causing optimistic asking prices?
Moving House Costs A Room Design Plan to make the most of the Space in Your Home Buying and Selling Property - when the property chain breaks
Why isn't my House Selling? Interior Styles and Room Colour Schemes Investing in a tenant-grabbing property
You’ve got to Spend Money to Make Money Property Price News - Are we heading for the dreaded 'double dip'? New Build Housing Market experiences a 'price spurt'!
What effect will an increase in Capital Gains Property Tax have on the market? Are better mortgages REALLY available? When will people buy property and borrow again?
Better First Time Buyer Mortgage Deals Another Housing Minister is announced! Mortgage Repossessions Remain Lower than Expected
Is now the Time to Buy or Sell Property Abroad? Mortgage Deposit for a House Purchase Coalition Government: Property Industry has its say
How to Sell a Property in a Slow Market Selling Property Privately or with an Estate Agent? How useful is a Sold Property Price?
Homeowners not using Low Interest Rates to Overpay Mortgage! BIS announcement on Post Office Banking and Financial Services First Time Buyers Advice in the UK
UK Reits Survey - Market to Stabilise Kate Faulkner featured on BBC Radio Nottingham with Frances Finn! Is the Post Office going to offer one of the Best First Time Buyers' Mortgages?
Housing market predictions and property sold prices - should we be getting excited? FSA fines and bans former Northern Rock Deputy Chief Executive and Credit Director New Spring/Summer Fabric Collections
Quick Sale Top 10 Tips Selling and Buying Property Top 10 Need to Knows! Buying a House - 10 Ways to Exploit a Buyer's Market
Is this one of the best times to buy a new home? Property Investment is NOT a Passive Pastime! I Can't Pay my Mortgage!
New Build Buyers get more Protection! Five reasons why you should think about what type of property to buy Top 10 Checks to Make when Buying a Period Property
Nottingham Property Market Performance Retirement Planning for High Earners Labour? Lib Dems? Conservatives? Whose property and housing policies should you vote for?
Property Auction Market Property Investing in 2010 Are you in the market for a property abroad?
A golden age for fiftysomethings House Price Market Update for February 2010 How is the new build homes market faring?
What are the financial implications of buying and living abroad? What are the legal differences when buying and living abroad? Property investment clubs return with new sales pitch
First Time Buyers Desperately Need Independent Advice! New Interior Design Trends for 2010! What do you need to know when buying abroad?
How to Sell a Period Home Kate Faulkner comments on the Office of Fair Trading Report on Home Buying and Selling How to Find the Best Estate Agent when Selling a Period Home
How to Sell a Rural Property How to Find the Right Agent when Selling a Rural Home How to Value a Rural Property for Sale
Is this the trend of property prices in a crisis? Why is this company/individual so anti property? Think you can trust lenders, mortgage advisors, surveyors and solicitors? Think Again!
Why do I need a Building Survey? Act now to make money from your home! Will house prices fall by 50%?
Top Five things you need to know when Reading a Home Information Pack to Buy a Home A Surveyor Top Five things you need to know when Choosing an Independent Surveyor
Kate Faulkner joins Leading Experts in the Housing Market at the Northern Ireland Housing Conference A Home Information Pack (HIP) Top Five things you need to know when Choosing a Home Information Pack to Sell Your Home
Working with Estate Agents It’s official: Buying a home is more stressful than having a child! Kate Faulkner Presents at the BFP Conference in London
Choosing a Legal Company to Buy and Sell your Home Why do People Fall for Scams? What is Buying at a Discount?
Has the Credit Crunch made Homes Affordable Again? Kate’s Predictions for 2010 Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell your Home
Kate's Summary of the 2009 Property Markets Who should you use to Sell your Property Privately? Is Snow Impacting the Performance of the Property Market?
Are you eligible for £400 off your next boiler? 2010 – The Year of Saving for a Deposit! What are the Pros and Cons of Selling Privately?
Top Five Tips to Buying a New Home in 2010 January 2010 Nottingham Property News with Kate Faulkner on BBC Radio Nottingham New Year House Resolutions!
What to do if you are a Property Investor in 2010 Top Five Tips to Buying or Selling at Auction Top Tips for Buy to Let Landlords in 2010
Buy to Let investors fret as property firm fails What to do if you are a Buyer in 2010 What to do if you are a Seller in 2010
Build a passive income stream by investing in profitable boxes Selling Inherited Property Legal and Tax Implications of Inheriting a Home
Latest Property Market News First Time Buyers Still Struggling to Raise a Deposit Should you buy, sell, rent, renovate or build in 2010?
Should you buy before the stamp duty increase? Need to sell fast? Why not try an ‘Open House Weekend’ Do properties in high performing school areas cost more?
Latest Nottingham Property News with Kate Faulkner - BBC Radio Nottingham HIPS – when will the politics stop? How to buy via an Estate Agent
Thinking of Renewing your Home Insurance? What to consider when investing or buying overseas New Planning Mediation Service launched by the RICS
When and How you should Sell your Property Investments Many would be interested in how to go about buying and selling on for profit Call for Managing Agents to work closer with Solicitors and Surveyors
First time investor: Where do you start? What should you do differently in the current economic climate? Why you Should Diversify your Property Investments
What’s the Bad News for Property Investors? Have you checked your Property Portfolio will Deliver what YOU Want? What’s Going to Happen to House Prices in 2010?
Five Options for a Quick Sale Top Five Reasons why Houses DON’T Sell Fast! What’s the Good News for Property Investors?
Selling a Flat Is it Worth Buying a Holiday Home Overseas? Top 5 things you need to know BEFORE you think about buying a home abroad!
Top 10 Things to Consider when one parent is poorly or needs care Property Market Update Selling a Holiday Home or Property Overseas
Leaving a Property Empty Long Term What to do if a lone parent is moved into a residential/nursing home permanently What are your options if you have one poorly parent and one well parent?
Stop, Look and Listen before you go for ‘no money’ down deals! What should you do with your parents' home if they are put into care? Lone parent goes into a residential/nursing home or hospital temporarily
Top Five Tips to Buying a Holiday Home How do you market your property during a recession? Is the lease on your property nearing the 80 year mark? If so, then it might be worth extending or buying the freehold!
Property investors - will prices fall further or is now a good time to buy? Where do you buy in the UK? Next to new train lines! Are property prices going up or down?
First time sellers - I can't sell, is there any point leaving my property on the market? Trading up - what do you need to do to successfully sell and buy at the same time? Trading down - is this the right time to be selling? Will you be losing money?
Top 10 Reasons why YOU should work with an Independent Financial Advisor Sale and Rent Back Schemes are Regulated as of TODAY! 1st July 2009 First time buyers - should you buy or continue renting?
Top five things to watch out for when buying and selling an underpinned property Top five things you need to know about thatched properties Managing a Property of Non Standard Construction
Kate Faulkner’s Property Watch versus BBC1! What will happen to the housing market over the coming months? How do we solve the problem of Second Home Ownership?

Will the current potential solutions to encourage and expand rural village life work?

Will the budget help you and your property aspirations? When will prices start picking up?
Top Five Reasons to Buy a New Build Property Top 10 Tips for Buying or Investing in a Flat

Is it still acceptable to have a second home when so many people can’t afford one?

What is a fair price for my home? Desperate to sell - What are my options? No offers after six months
Varying valuations No viewers for last two weeks Right time to buy?
I can't get a mortgage Make an offer that won't be rejected I can't afford to buy
Finding the right property Agents' price differences Spot the bottom of the market
We all love a show home Repossessions at auction up 85% Preparing your home for sale
Top tips to stop repossession Top tips to avoid repossession Negative equity - should we worry?
Selling in a falling market Value of property - should we worry?

Market turmoil - what should you do?

Sustainable and eco housing State of the art homes Legal changes - 1st October 08
What's happening to prices - Sept 08 How do you Compare Legal Fees? Think about what type of property to buy
Top 10 checks - buying a period property Buying a Home: Top Ten Dos and Don'ts Selling a Home: Top Ten Dos and Don'ts

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  Has the residential property market finally turned the corner?
  A good start to the property market year for 2013 – but will it last?
  Radio Nottingham March 2013 Property Market Update by Kate Faulkner
  National Average House Prices are now Meaningless!
  Selling strategies for 2013, sell through an award winning Estate Agent
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