Auction Property Market Update  for December 2009

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David Sandeman of the EiGroup sums up 2009 pretty well:-

"Simply looking at the figures for 2009, one would be forgiven for thinking that 2009 has been even worse than 2008 (for auction houses), and on the face of it, yes, the overall number of lots offered and the amount raised was down 21% and 11% respectively. However, the overall sale rate for 2009 was 75% compared with 65% for 2008, and if one strips out repossession sales, the amount raised in 2009 was 2% up on 2008."

December 2009 was busier compared with December 2008. Overall, the value of residential lots sold was up 5% month on month, down 5% in the last quarter and down 15% year on year - similar to the normal buying and selling market. 

Volume wise, the numbers going through the auction house is down by 22% versus 2008 - the peak of repossessions.

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November auction figures for the residential market show a poor  performance due to the lack of repossessions stock available and the likelihood that many investors are struggling to get finance. Hence percentage sold feel from October's high of 72% to 34%. Interestingly though, although the money raised was down substantially year on year (-43%) the quarter and annual falls were still less than October stats showed. HOWEVER, BEWARE that the next month or two with regards to auction data will give a lead indicator as to what happens to the general property market in 2010. If auction stats continue to show a slowdown, no doubt this will soon be reflected in the general housing market! 

David Sandeman from EIGROUP commented: "November's results were down versus the previous year both in terms of lots offered and amount raised, mainly due to a LACK of repossessions. In Q4 2008 we saw 2,941 repossessions go to auction where as in Q4 2009 the number fell to almost 2,000 (68%) to 941."


If you are buying, there are still some fantastic bargains available at auction houses, but they will be harder to find and don't appear to be going at as big discounts year on year.

If you are struggling to sell, now might be a good time to test out the auction houses to see if they can sell your property quickly at a price you are willing to sell for.

REMEMBER: Do your research first and NEVER buy a property at auction without a survey and the legal checks!

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