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To start, visit our free 'Buying and Selling Top 10 Dos and Don'ts'.

Then it's worth reading about House Prices so you understand how to ignore the headlines and visit our Market Commentary so you are up to speed with what's happening now.

Next, think about the property type, such as a flat or 1930s property you are considering buying or selling and how this might affect your purchase/sale.

After this checkout our free Buying and Selling articles.

If you have any questions left after this, read our Buying and Selling FAQs.

Once you've done all this FOR FREE if you need more help, then consider buying our factsheets or eBooks and if you want on-going help and support and to save time and money booking services, then consider becoming a member - for just £19.99! You even get a free Which? Property Book worth £10.99!

To find out more about how membership can help you, then go to our members section and specifically our section on Independent Help for Buyers and Sellers

We can also help if you:-

1. Have questions about selling and buying a retirement property.
2. Offered part exchange and have queries about the price/legals.
3. Have to sell a property quickly to a company for cash.
4. Are buying a specialist property such as Grade II Listed.  
5. Have a property purchase/sale problem that needs solving.

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Free Property Articles

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