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Property Secrets is a key resource for property investment information for all over the world. We rate Property Secrets as authors, so as a results have decided to give you the chance to purchase their eBooks (which can also be bought as hard copies)

Simply click on the eBook you want, which will take you through to Property Secrets where you can make the purchase.

For Overseas Property Investment Books, also by Property Secrets, Visit our Property Secrets Overseas books section. This contains everything from the Property Market Profile of a country to the market performance report for a country.

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Property Developer Secrets

How to make money in the UK property market today!


Property Tax Secrets

Cut your tax bill dramatically to maximise your property profits.


The Lewis Report

Insight-led analysis from the property world's leading commentator.


Beat the Credit Crunch & Make a fortune through Property Auctions

Your backpocket guide to how to make a mint at property auctions - even during a Credit Crunch.


Inheritance Tax Secrets

Protect your property profits - even after death!


Portfolio Property Secrets

Create a secure revenue stream for life with real life case studies of multi-million pound portfolios.


Property Management Secrets

Actively manage your property to maximum profit with our handy backpocket guide.


Where in the World to Invest

Complete analysis of the world's property markets - telling where to invest…and where not to!


UK Property Market Profile

Brief Description Coming Soon


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