National House-Building Council

This is a non-profit making service that they believe 85% of new homes registered are covered by the NHBC. In theory the NHBC offers a 10 year warranty or buildmark which is claimed to give protection to a new home owner for anything that goes wrong in the first 10 years of ownership. However, this protection does not work in the same way as other warranties in that it is the builder, not the homeowner that is covered. In the first two years, any problems with a new build have to be referred to the builder themselves. After that any problems highlighted to the builder are then passed over to the NHBC, where they put their claim to have the problem fixed. So although the property is protected, the control of enforcing the warranty is between the builder and the NHBC, not the home owner.

Having said that, it is still better to purchase a property with NHBC cover, but the mistake most people make is that they believe this means they do not need to have a RICS survey or a 'snagging' survey done on the property to ensure that it has been built to a high standard. This is not the case and all properties old or new should have at least a Home Buyers Survey, if not a Building Survey.
Contact them:
They have information on their website which is helpful to new home owners and you can contact them by phone/email to discuss any issues you have post the first two years, or you do not feel the builder is resolving your dispute effectively, then as long as they are a member you can contact the NHBC.

Tel:       01494 735 363
             01494 735 369
Claims:  0870 241 4329

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