Association of British Insurers

The association has about 400 members, many of them are very large, well known organisations. They are a trade body which represents their members, while promoting good practices and customer service within the industry. They have some really good facts and figures about the insurance market, but better still have lots of useful information for consumers.

Contact Them:
As with any other financial body they cannot help you with personal circumstances, but just with general insurance queries. If you go online they have any area called 'information zone' which has a huge amount of detail about all types of insurance, not just general insurance such as household or travel, but also pensions and health insurance. They give advice on how to choose the right policy, what to look for, and how to contact their members. They have a really good rebuild cost calculator which estimates the cost of rebuilding your/or a property you are looking at buying. This is helpful when trying to work out how much the buildings insurance will costs on a new property.

Tel:   0207 600 3333

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