Financial Services Authority

The FSA is a powerful body that regulates the financial services industry, with regards to property. This includes independent financial advisers and companies that sell mortgages and insurance. They act as a watchdog for consumers to help ensure that when financial services are purchased, the right information is given and procedures are followed, for example, a right to cancel within a certain period of time, and the company has an effective complaints procedure.

With regards to choosing a company regulated by the FSA, you do not have a choice. If they are not regulated and you want a mortgage and insurance for your property, they MUST belong to the FSA. You can check by visiting their web page.

Contact them:
The FSA has an excellent website specifically for consumers which includes lots of information about how to plan your finances, helpful leaflets and really good calculators for budgeting. They also advise on what is and not a complaint, and how to make a complaint to a firm.

General enquiries: 0845 606 1234
Ordering leaflets, either order online or call: 0845 456 1555

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