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Ombudsman Scheme

This scheme is one which the estate agent can choose to join, and upon doing so would have to pay.

This is essentially a dispute service for the general public. Companies rather than individuals are members of the Ombudsman Scheme. You can recognise Ombudsman Agents by looking out for their logo or asking them if they are members, just make sure you see some independent verification. If in doubt contact the OEA and ask them for reassurance.

The Benefits of choosing an OEA Member?
 - Adhere to a Code of Practice
 - If anything was to go wrong, you can complain to via the OEA
 - Agents agree to abide by the OEA decision on complaints

Contact Them:
You can contact the OEA by telephone, post or email:


The Ombudsman for Estate Agents
Beckett House
4 Bridge Street

Tel:   01722 333306
Fax:   01722 332296

Unfortunately if you are a journalist there are no separate contact details.

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