Channel 5's Top 10 Stunning Locations for a Dream Home

10. Edinburgh
-It has good services and transport.
-It is also an excellent place for young professionals.

9. Bakewell-Derbyshire
-It has national park setting.

8. Chagford-Devon

7. Loddon-Norfolk
-Affordable house prices.
-Water surroundings.

6. Stokesley-North Yorkshire

5. Callander-Perthshire

4. Bath-Somerset
-Urban living
-Good schools.

3. Aberdovey-Wales
-This area has a population of 800 people.
-The average family home is upwards from £500,000.
-Most houses in the area is holiday homes.

2. Brockenhurst-Hampshire
-The average house prices for the area is £600,000.
-This area has excellent rail links.
-The area also has a hot climate.

1. Ambleside-Lake district
-This area has a population of under 3,000.
-This area has a range of house prices from £200,000 to £2,000,000.
-People pay 15% more to live in this area than surrounding villages.

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