Channel 5's Top 10 Perfect Villages

10. Cerne Abbas-Dorset
-It has a population of 700 people.
-The average house price in this area is £320,000.
-In the area 10% of houses cost £500,000.
-The area has good local services and a low crime rate.

9. East Bergholt-Suffolk
-It has a population of 2,500.
-The average house price for the area is £350,00.
-This area offers excellent schools.
-This area also has high employment.

8. Cotherstone-Teesdale
-The average house price is under £250,000.
-In this area there is low crime rate.

7. Bourton-on-the-Water-Gloucestershire
-It has a population of just under 4,000.
-The average house price is just under £350,000
-This area also offers good schools and services.
-The area also had a low crime rate last year.

6. Gullane-Scotland
-It has a population of 3,000
-In the past five years property prices in this area has doubled.
-This area offers good transport links and low crime rates.

5. Lapworth-Warwickshire
-It has a population of 2,000.
-Prices in the area start from £240,000.
-This area offers good local schools and good transport links.

4. Llyswen-Wales
-It has a population of 200.
-The average house price for the area is £230,000.
-This area still has property affordability.

3. Tarporley-Cheshire
-The average house price in the area is £300,000.
-This area offers good services and schools.

2. Coxwold-North Yorkshire
-The average house price for the area is just under £400,000.
-House prices in the area have risen by 150% in the last five years.
-This area offers good transport links and schools and also low crime rates.

1. Chalfont St. Giles-Buckinghamshire
-The average house prices in the area is £776,000.
-This area is 25 miles from London which makes it perfect for commuters.
-The area has high employment.
-This area also offers excellent schools.

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