Channel 5's Top 10 Coastal Locations

10. Plockton-Scotland highlands
-It has a population of 400 people.
-The average house price for this area is £300,000.
-Some houses in this area have achieved over 60% over the asking price (Scottish system).
-People are attracted to this area because it has good services, good schools and clean

9. Tynemouth-North East
-In this area the starting house prices for a 2 bedroom house is £170,000.
-On average the price for a family house is £300,000.
-It has good transport links making the commute to Newcastle only 20 minutes.
-This area also has good schools around.

8. St. Andrews-South Coast of Scotland
-In the town centre the average house prices are £500,000.
-The town is a university town which means it attracts many young people.

7. St. Mawes-Cornwall
-The average house price in this area is £400,000.
-House prices in this area have risen by 15% in the last five years.
-50% of properties in this area are holiday homes.
-One of the main reasons people are attracted to this area is the warm climate.

6. Budleigh Salterton-Devon
-This area is becoming more popular as a result of its warm climate and good services.
-Properties are still affordable at the moment with flats selling under £200,000.
-This area has a low crime rate with only 105 crimes recorded last year.

5. Aldeburgh-Suffolk
-In this area there is a high demand for houses.
-As a result house prices are rising.
-A house in the area costs as least £200,000.
-This area also has high unemployment which makes the area more attractive.

4. Llantwit Major-Vale of Glamorgan
-Average Prices in this area for a period home are £345,000.
-The house prices in this area though range from £100,000 to £1,000,000.
-This area has good transport links resulting in a 30 minute commute to Cardiff.
-This area also offers great schools and job opportunities.

3. Heswall-Merseyside
-The area has restricted development resulting in a high demand for houses in the area.
-As a result of the high demand this has made house prices dramatically increase.
-This area also offers excellent schools and transport links.

2. Sandbanks-Dorset Coast
-This area has been ranked the 4th most expensive place to live in the world
-House prices in the area range from £250,000 to £8,000,000.
-The sandbank peninsula has a population of 15,000.
-This area has attracted people because of its warm climate.

1. Lymington-South coast
-This area has a population of 40,000 people.
-It has good transport links to London.
-The house prices are still affordable.
-The area also offers good services.
-There is also a warm climate.

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