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Overseas Property Books

There are lots of different books on Renting and Letting a property. Some books can be quite dry, so it is best to looks for ones with helpful guides such as checklists, summary or troubleshooting guides. The books can be bought or ordered from most book shops or ordered on-line from bookshops.

The table below gives information on books which we rate:-

TitleDescriptionRRP Price
Property Secrets Overseas Property BooksDescription coming soon£17.99 to £19.99
Which? Guide to buying property abroadThe appeal of buying abroad is undeniable, but different cultures, languages, currencies and laws make expert advice essential.£10.99
A Place in the Sun: Buying your Property AbroadThis title includes all the countries that "A Place in the Sun" has visited - France, Italy, Spain and the Canaries, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Florida, the Black Sea, the Caribbean and Croatia. As well as photographs to make readers want to give all up and move there straight away.£12.99
A Place in the sun: Dream Homes within your reachBeaches, countryside, mountains and islands: all within your reach with the bestselling guide to house-hunting abroad - be inspired! A Place in the Sun: Dream Homes Within Your Reach showcases twenty of the most beautiful places to buy a home abroad£12.99
Sunday Times: Buying a Property AbroadProduced in conjuction with the Sunday Times, Cadogan launches an innovative new series that gives all the practical information necessary to buy a home overseas. Whether you’re looking for a castle or an apartment, a holiday home or a place to relocate to for good, the guides offer all the latest information on buying property.£12.99
How to Renovate a House in FranceDesigned for anyone who has bought (or is thinking of buying) a place in France - whether it is a dilapidated manor house in need of total restoration, or a charming little cottage that would benefit from a bit of freshening up.£25.00

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