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Property Investment Books

There are lots of different books on Renting and Letting a property. Some books can be quite dry, so it is best to looks for ones with helpful guides such as checklists, summary or troubleshooting guides. The books can be bought or ordered from most book shops or ordered on-line from bookshops.

The table below gives information on books which we rate:-

TitleDescriptionRRP Price
Which? Property Investment Handbook

There are many risks involved in property investment and Kate Faulkner has written this book to help guide you through the many investment opportunities people will want to sell to you. 

Property Secrets: Investment BooksDescription Coming Soon£9.99 to £34.50
Property Ladder: The Developer's BibleWhether you want to start a new career as a developer, buy a single property as an investment or just add value to your home, Property Ladder: The Developer's Bible provides all the information you'll need to profit from property.£17.99
Property Ladder: How to make money from PropertyWhether you are buying to rent or sell, this book shows how to get it right first time, what the consequences can be if you get it wrong, and how to fix them.£12.99
Million Pound Property ExperimentMaking money from our homes has become a national obsession and Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan (House Call, Trading Up) are here to take an up close and personal look into the complexities of the UK property market, exploring the opportunities to make money from your home.£16.99
House Doctor: How to add value to your PropertyThis book accompanies the popular Channel 5 series featuring the very straight-talking Californian property stylist. Her mission: to make simple, inexpensive changes to the presentation of your home to increase its value and your chances of selling it.£14.99
How to make Money from PropertyA book which offers advice to those wishing to make a profit from the property market. It contains information on the purchase of land and commercial property, including the raising of finance and the tax implications involved.£9.99
Property Tax SecretsEverything that you would need to know before you invest in property, so you don't get caught by the Taxman!£30.00
Property Auction Secrets164 pages giving complete explanation of how the auction process works, from start to finish and how to take advantage of auctions to maximise profits.£54.00

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