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Develop and Build Books

There are lots of different books on Renting and Letting a property. Some books can be quite dry, so it is best to looks for ones with helpful guides such as checklists, summary or troubleshooting guides. The books can be bought or ordered from most book shops or ordered on-line from bookshops.

The table below gives information on books which we rate:-

TitleDescriptionRRP Price
Which? Essential Guide to Developing your Property

Our Managing Director, Kate Faulkner has been working very hard over the last few years to write books that are easy to read, give practical guides and lists of what to do - and what not to do when adapting your home!

Property Secrets: Self-Build SecretsLearn how to build your own property to achieve the home of your dreams - and maximum profit.£34.50
Build Construction HandbookBuilding Construction Handbook summarises all elements of building construction practice, techniques, components and procedures. Information is presented concisely, in a highly illustrated and accessible style.£19.99
Grand Designs Handbookbrilliant guide to designing and building your own home...From the popular channel 4 program Grand Designs.£25.00
Building your own HomeThis book manages to combine masses of information with a light touch...Hugely helpful and intelligent£25.00
The Self Build BookThis is a revised and updated edition of this definitive guide. The Self-Build Book gives both inspiration and practical information.£15.00
The Idiots Guide to Building your own Homeclear, concise, up-to-date guide on every aspect of the home building process. It answers every question readers have about building a custom residence-and a few questions they may not have considered.£14.99
House Builders Biblecombines cost information with guidance and comment in the fast growing selfbuild arena. Now in its 5th edition, the Housebuilders Bible is fully up to date on recent building reg changes for the UK£18.00
Building a Timber Frame HomeFully explains the craft of timber building from planning and designing to actually constructing, with chapters on house plans, site development, foundation laying, insulation and timber assembly, and raising.£12.99

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