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Property Shopping

Interested in independent factsheets, eBooks and Books specifically written to help you carry out your property project successfull? 

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Designs on Property Store.

Factsheets start for less than £1; eBooks from £3.90; Country Guide Factsheets from under £3.00 and we have carefully chosen books for you that we have already read and think provide useful and independent information.

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Before you buy from Designs on Property please visit our general
Terms and Conditions of Sale.  If you are buying books, please see our specific Terms, Conditions, Delivery and Returns Policy for detailed information about ordering.

Alternatively why not considering joining as a member on Designs on Property? It will only cost you £15 per annum and you will receive:-

1. All of our factsheets for FREE. 
2. All of our eBooks for FREE.
3. Save £££s off our property books and magazines.
4. Save hundreds of pounds off essential services.

If you want an independent answer to your property question, then visit our FAQs, search or just ask us, and we'll be able to answer any property questions. Still struggling? Then email us at:

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