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Buying a Home Factsheets

We have 8 Factsheets below currently available to help you find out quickly and easily how to buy your home successfully – hopefully first time around.

The Factsheets only cost £1.00 each (including VAT) and each factsheet has helpful information such as step-by-step guides to property research, the legal steps to buying a property and choosing an area. 

The factsheets which are available are as follows:

How to Find the Right Property For You
Provides statistics and guidance on how to find the most suitable property for your needs and wants.   

Choosing an Area
Explains what you should consider when looking for the right area in which to live 

Buyer's Step-by-Step Guide to Property Research
Help and advice on all the things to consider before you even view a property.

The Legal Steps to Buying a Home
An essential guide to help you keep track of your purchase.

How Much to Offer on a Property
Not sure whether to the offer the asking price or how to have a low offer accepted, then you need this factsheet!

Surveying Your Property
Explains all the different surveys and which one you need and how much they will cost - and how to use a survey to reduce your offer!

Preparing to Move and Moving Day
Everything you need to know from what to pack first to what to leave out for moving day!  

Change of Address
Lists everything you need to change and tips on making change of address take minutes rather than days!

Have you a suggestion for a new factsheet? If so e-mail If we produce it we will send it to you for free!

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