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This website has been created to help you solve the three major property project problems:-

1. All property project are different, so it's impossible to get everything right.
2. Property services are rarely regulated so unbiased help is essential. 
3. Press articles are either scare stories or not there when you need! 

Who are we?
Visit our About Us section and see Kate Faulkner live on camera!

What can this site provide you for FREE?
There is lots of information you can access for free on this site including information about:-

House Prices
Different House Types
Free regular articles
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A free Question and Answer service
Free access to our property services (such as buying or property investment)
Free Top 10 Tips for every property project (click on the relevant section such as Letting or Overseas)
Free daily and monthly planner (click on the current date on the RHS) covering television shows; seminars; shows and the introduction of new government regluations and consultations.
Free information in our Property Media section and links to useful magazines, television programmes, books and newspapers so you can read more about your chosen project

What do you have to pay for and why? 
You can either pay for information on a one off basis such as buying our factsheets or eBooks that you can download immediately or our books which we post to you. We charge for these so that we don't have to sell advertising to make them viable.

Sign up for membership - and receive a free Which? Property Book as well as immediate access to our members section. 

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