Is bigger better ... when it comes to your television size?

publication date: Jun 2, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Is bigger better ... when it comes to your television size?

We all seem to think that the bigger is better when it comes to the size of televisions these days – but that is not always the case!

Here’s our MoveMe guide from Bang and Olufsen which gives some handy hints about the right size of TV for your room and what to look for when buying a new TV or transferring your current TV to your new home:-

Viewing Distance     2m       2.5m     3m       3.5-4m5m       
Screen Size26"32"40"50"65"
Source: Bang and Olufsen, distances based on standard definition viewing

There are three other things to be aware of when you are moving to your new home:-

  1. If your TV is larger than 32 inches, you may want to consider making sure it is ‘HD Ready’. Below this size, you won’t notice the difference!
  2. Plasma is recommended for TV’s over 50 inches, but LCD gives a better picture for TV’s under 50 inches
  3. That your TV can work not just on analogue, but also on Digital via Cable, Sky and/or a Freeview box which can either be ‘built in’ to the TV or via a separate box.

The average size TV for an average size 12' x 12' room in a UK property is 32” – buying anything any bigger, may just mean you get a worse picture, so choose the right size TV for your room.

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