Property Books

publication date: Oct 11, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Property Books

Kate Faulkner, one of the UK’s top property experts has just launched new property advice guides to help guide people through their residential property projects, such as first time buyers, sellers and buy to let investors

Kate, who has already written six property books, including four for Which? who offer independent advice on finance and property, says “I’ve written these property advice guides to help people with forms, checklists and helpful guides which they can use in conjunction with a Which? property book to help them  every step of the way”.

Property books are great because they are carefully written, checked within an inch of their lives and particularly the Which? Essential Guides can be completely independent. The difficulty at the moment though is books are produced every one or two years and in the current post credit crunch times, property books are going out of date very quickly.

Another issue with property books is that you only have a certain amount of space to work with. “Which? books are fantastic value for money, costing around £10-£12, but when actually carrying out a property project, people need further help so they can carry out research and homework for themselves” continues Kate.

To create a perfect solution, Kate has written Property Packs to cover a plethora of property subjects including:-

“The packs include the relevant free Which? Essential Guide property book as the information in them is vital.” Kate claims. “In addition, the packs offer help such as forms to fill in, checklists to use, sheets to help you compare properties or links to on-line spreadsheets to help you manage your property costs” says Kate. “We have them for every other major project you would carry out such as going on holiday, personal finance and even your shopping, but no one has ever produced one for people carrying out property projects which is the third most stressful event of your life”.

The property packs, together with the free Which? property books can be bought on-line and are then printed and sent to you. Better still, once you’ve bought the packs, you get one to one help via email and phone with any queries you might have or problems that occur while carrying out your property project.

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