Essential steps to a stress free moving day

publication date: Jul 5, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Essential steps to a stress free moving day

Find out expert views on removals from the author of Which? Buy, Sell, Move House, Kate Faulkner and the essential steps to ensure a stress free moving day! 

Expert View: Removals

Essential five steps to a stress free moving day
To make moving day as stress free as possible you need to plan it like a military operation. You can start preparing your ‘military manoeuvres’ as soon as an offer has been accepted on a property.

Step One
Go through each room at home including cupboards, attic, garage and garden shed. Make a note of what you need to take with you and what you can throw away. Top Tip: Get the kids to help – they may be better at throwing things away!

Step Two
Throw your items away at your local refuse tip for free or hire a skip. Check opening times of the refuse tip as they change during the week and throughout the year. Top Tip: Why not sell some of your items to help fund the cost of your move?

Step Three
Choose whether you move your items yourself, use a man with a van or a full removals service. Use our ‘Quick Removals Guide’ service:-

Designs on Property Quick Removals Guide

Property SizeOption 1Option 2Option 3
 Move yourself     Man with a van   Removal Service
Studio/One bedroom flatsY (use a tick)Y (use a tick)Y (use a tick)
Two Bed+ Ground/First FloorY (use a tick)Y (use a tick)Y (use a tick)
Two Bed+ Second Floor and aboveN (use a cross)Y (use a tick)Y (use a tick)
One/Two bedroom housesY (use a tick)Y (use a tick)Y (use a tick)
Heavy or large furniture/items N (use a cross)Y (use a tick)Y (use a tick)
Three/four/five/six bedroom houses N (use a cross)N (use a cross)Y (use a tick)

Step Four
Secure quotes from Moveme to help you estimate the cost of your removals choice
Top Tip: Live life to the full until move day! Ask for a quote for removals men to pack your possessions.

Step Five
Book the removals service which:-

1.   Responds in a friendly and efficient manner within 24 hours to your request for a quote
2.   You are able to check independent reviews from recent home movers
3.   Breaks down the cost of your removals service such as packing/dismantling furniture/removals
4.   Isn’t necessarily the cheapest, but does offer a good service at a fair price
5.   Offers independent recourse if you are not happy with their service
Expert View: Man with a Van Hire
Moving your possessions involves heavy furniture and shifting, on average, 50 boxes! With so much else to organise on moving day, why not consider help from man with a van services?

Here our moving expert, Kate Faulkner, answers your ‘Man with a Van’ questions:-
Q1.   Are Man with a Van services different to a removal company?
A.    Most removal companies are big businesses offering services from international removals to storage/packing. Man with a van services are local, small businesses with one or more vehicles, concentrating on smaller moves or the rental market.

Q2.   What would a Man with a Van cost me?
A.    Costs vary depending on where you live, but average costs are £30ph or £200 a day in and around London and outside London £20ph/£150 per day. 

Q3.   How do I know they can move all my items?
A.    Follow Kate’s Top Five Man with a Van Essential Questions to check they can do the job:-

  1. How big is their van? Can they carry your largest item?
  2. How much do they charge? Will they do a fixed price for your move?
  3. Will there be one, two or three people provided?
  4. If your items break, does their insurance cover replacing them?
  5. Can you travel in the van with them? 

Q4.   How do I know they are reputable?
A.    Ask to see their drivers licence and take a look at their insurance for the vehicle and moving your possessions. Always seek quotes from three or more companies and travel with them on the move day.

Q5.   Where can I find a Man with a Van
    Secure quotes from Moveme either by phone: 0845 or on-line (link required). They should contact you within the next 24 hours to quote for your move.

If you're not sure which removals to use or need some helping finding a suitable company, then contact us or tel 0845 838 1763 for independent help.

Need help with a property problem? Have a question? Why not call Designs on Property on 07585 897128 or Contact Us via email.
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