Article Three: Make an offer that won't be rejected!

publication date: Feb 3, 2009
author/source: Kate Faulkner

Buyers' Property Problems Series
Article Three: Make an offer that won't be rejected!

It's heart breaking when you've finally found the property you want, you make an offer and then the seller rejects it! But don't lose heart, follow our 'take my offer' step by step guide and see if you can secure a deal.

'Take My Offer' Three Step Guide

1. Find out more about the seller.  Ask lots of questions such as: are they desperate to move (eg have they found a home yet?); have they rejected other offers, if so, how much were they for?; how many viewings are they getting?
2. Find out what similar properties have sold for.  This gives you an true idea and evidence of what the property might be worth.

3. Ask to have an independent survey done on the property.  It's only worth doing this if you are sure you want it, as it'll cost around £300-£500. However, it'll give an independent view on what the property is worth.

Once you've taken these steps, you'll find out if the property is really worth what they are asking for it and whether you need to increase your offer, or if your offer was fair and the seller is being unreasonable not accepting it. Typically, sellers who 'hang out' for a higher price usually lose out as their property stays on the market for longer. So even if they reject your offer initially, there is nothing to say your offer might not be accepted at a later stage.

For more information visit our buying a home section where you can download our Buying a Property eBook to help you make an offer and refer to our surveys and valuation pages.   

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