Landlord Action against Tenants who don't pay their rent

publication date: Oct 26, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Designs on Property and Author of Which? Property Books

Landlord Action against Tenants who don't pay their rent

According to Landlord Action, "When there is a clear case of a tenant who refuses to pay and/or has anti-social behaviour issues, they must be evicted." Unfortunately due to the credit crunch, our courts are becoming overloaded with lots of different cases and according to Paul Shamplina, head of Landlord Action, "Under the current system eviction can take up to six months".

As it can take six to nine months via this system to evict a non paying tenant, they remain in the property for free and the Landlord loses anything from £3,000 to over £6,000 in rent, and more in damage they may cause to the property. With most landlords only securing an average return of 5%, this is not something that they can afford to fund.

Some landlords who may be losing money on their properties since the credit crunch, this can mean, due to a rogue tenant, the landlord through little fault of their own ends up having their property repossessed.

Bizarrely says Paul, "You can evict squatters through a faster process" but apparently Landlords don't benefit from the same system, even though non paying tenants are effectively squatting in the property. This is especially a worry for accidental landlords who are letting their property as they can't sell. They may want to sell the property but the tenant won't pay the rent nor leave, so they can't sell or move back in and meanwhile their property is probably not being well looked after.

Landlord Action also understands that with pending spending cuts which are expected to close courts up and down the country, the six months it currently takes will get a lot longer, meaning even more landlords could be at the mercy of lenders keen to repossess.

If you are a landlord and keen to protest against the issue of evicting tenants through the courts, then sign this petition and Mike Weatherly, MP intends to present a petition and raise questions in Parliament.

Click here to add your name to Landlord Action's petition.

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