Flat Maintenance Budget

publication date: Jul 7, 2011
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Designs on Property and Author of Which? Property Books

Setting a Maintenance Budget for a Flat

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Q - I own an average sized two bed flat built around 1900 and in good condition, but I need to budget for maintenance that I need to put by each year, can you help?

A - With regards to budgeting for flats, most of the external works will be paid for through your service charges to the freeholder. The costs will therefore be ‘out of your control' to some extent, so it's essential in this case to find out what costs you'll be charged by the freeholder.

Typically external maintenance for flats happens every five to seven years, depending on the types of materials (wood windows for example, will need to be renovated more often, PVC could be a lot longer).


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