What to do if you are a Seller in 2010

publication date: Jan 1, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

What to do if you are a Seller in 2010

If you are looking to sell, then follow Kate's Top Five Tips for 2010:-

1. Check out the competition first. How many other properties are on the market like yours (eg similar location, same number of bedrooms/features such as garden space/garage etc).

2. See how many properties are sold versus for sale. Find a long street with 10 for sale or sold boards. If more than 4/10 are sold, it's a good market, if it's less than that, to sell you will HAVE to price competitively.

3. Ensure that your property is either 'ready to move into' ie needs no work or 'needs some work'. The most difficult property to sell is one that is half done - it narrows your market too much.

4. Choose your estate agent very carefully! Not all agents are the same, some offer a great service, some truly dreadful. The estate agent that will sell your home will price it fairly, do good marketing and already have buyers that want/can afford your property on their books.

5. Be prepared to negotiate. If you are offered 10% less, then try to get this money off the person you are buying from. We have NEVER sold so few properties in the UK, so, despite 'bouyant' property price reports, the market has nowhere near recovered!

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