Tips to Sell a House

publication date: Apr 29, 2011
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Tips to Sell a House

If you are selling your home, the key tip is to check how appealing it is from the moment a buyer first sets eyes on it. With the internet 'ruling the roost' when it comes to viewings and house sales, in a buyers' market, if your home doesn't instantly appeal, no one will even bother to view.

See our photos below for tips on how to use photos and kerb appeal to help sell your house.

How not to present a property for sale

This clearly isn't a home! It might be newly renovated but this isn't presented as a home at all. It's 'cold' with no 'personality' at all. Good kerb appeal is essential to obtain the best sale price.

Use some 'softening' features, such as trees, shrubs or plants to give a more homely feel wouldn't cost much and would help people to make the decsion to view rather than skip in a second to the next property!



A classic mistake. Here we are in April, and this photo says to me 'this property's been on the market for months on end' as it's not in beautiful spring bloom, but stuck in the past with frost all over it.

In a buyer's mind if it's been on since Xmas, there 'must be something wrong with it'!

Top Selling Tip
Make sure photographs of your property are kept up to date with the seasons - try for blue sky too!

Winter photo found in the Spring
Bland exterior of a new build

Hmm, nice house, shame there are no 'softer' features - apart from one lonely small shrub on the left hand side!

The property is a new build, very attractive at the moment to buyers, but why would I click through to find out more? It just doesn't portray an image of 'must see' to a buyer!


Wow, this picture is more like it! It shows a homely, loved property with well kept gardens and an attractive frontage. It makes the house look inviting and will help entice potential purchasers to click through to 'find out more' and hopefully book a viewing!

This is a great example of how to photograph and present the exterior of a property for sale.

Good example of exterior photo
A well presented garden and outside space

If you have a fab garden, then as we move into the Spring/Summer, this is a perfective picture to show off the 'outdoor living of a narrow, but beautiful garden!

Showing a property's outside space at its best is essential to ensure you get the maximum price for your home. This picture shows a well maintained garden, with good access/paving and a sitting/entertaining area.

Picture perfect, well maintained with easy access and an entertainment area - and better still it's inkeeping with the season, no frosty pictures here!


As the summer approaches, outdoor living space is one of the key areas that purchasers like to see. This is clearly a lovely 'homely' sitting and entertaining area - just right for all the family to enjoy, even the toys add a 'nice family feel'.

An outside area doesn't have to run into acres, just a smart, easy to maintain, well looked after space. It looks inviting enough to find out more and book a viewing today!

A beautiful sitting area
Bringing the indoors out!

If only we had more sunshine in the UK! A simple, clean and tidy sitting/relaxing area in the garden. Great for our long, sometimes warm, summer evenings.

Who wouldn't take one look at this and then decide to click through to find out more, book a viewing and get round to making an offer fast!

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