Top Five Tenant Responsibilities to Your Landlord (Lord Denning Report!)

publication date: Jun 3, 2009
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

As a tenant you pay a landlord to rent their property for a set period of time. However, you can’t just do what you want, you also have to abide by legal rules and regulations and according to the latest report by Lord Denning:-

     “The Tenant must take proper care of the premises ..... he/she must do the little jobs around the place which a reasonable tenant would do”.

For example, it’s not your landlord or letting agent’s responsibility to change light bulbs for you!

Here’s our top five tenant responsibilities that you need to adhere to:-

1. Pay your rent and any bills on time and in full
It’s likely that your landlord has a mortgage payment to make every month and your rent goes towards paying that bill, so if you don’t make payments then neither can they, and the lender may start repossession proceedings if the landlord has no other way of keeping up payments. You also need to pay any bills you’ve agreed to pay such as council tax, telephone, heating and lighting etc.

2. Keep the property secure and in good order
Although you are paying to rent the property, you can’t just treat it as if it were your own. You need to ensure that you keep it clean and tidy as much as possible. You also need to be careful to lock the property when you leave (including window and door locks). Do notify your landlord/letting agent if you are going to leave the property vacant for any more than two weeks as this may void their insurance.

3. Report any problems
If there are any problems such as a broken appliance, for example the washing machine or shower has stopped working, then report these immediately and ideally in writing. This way the landlord/letting agent can take action and if they don’t, you have written evidence that you have requested things get fixed.

4. Don’t disturb the neighbours!
It’s important that any late night parties in any home, not just a rental one, don’t disturb people locally. They might complain to the landlord who has asked them to keep an eye on the property and it might mean you are in breach of your contract.

5. Leave the property neat and tidy and with everything still in it that it came with!
If you are about to leave the landlord’s property, make sure it is clean and tidy and check that everything marked in the inventory is still there. Ask for a copy of the inventory if you don’t have your own. If there is anything that needs fixing, or a garden that needs tidying then make sure you do it, otherwise you may lose part or all of your deposit.

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