Guest Article from Sarah Walker: ‘Smart altruism’ – a recession-busting business model

publication date: Jun 17, 2009
author/source: Guest article submitted by Sarah Walker, Platinum Property Partners

Re-defining the way we do business to take account of wider employee and community needs will help kick-start economic and social recovery, says entrepreneur and multi-millionaire property investor Steve Bolton. Responding to the need for more visionary thinking and leadership in business, Steve is challenging UK companies to adopt a bit more ‘smart altruism’ in the boardroom.

Steve’s company is the buy-to-let property investment franchise Platinum Property Partners (PPP) which expects its Franchise Partners to adopt the company ethos embodied in its mission statement – Be More, Do More, Have More, Give More when they join the investment network. Putting something back into society is part of the PPP corporate DNA, deliberately built into the way the franchise operates and markets itself. As a result the company is building a community of like-minded, high net worth individuals who want to create wealth, not only for their own financial security, but in order to share it with others and make a difference  in the world by giving something back.

“Never before has so much been expected of the nation’s true wealth-generators,” says Steve Bolton. “Growing companies like my own have a responsibility to profitably provide incomes and work opportunities, but we must ultimately have a positive impact on the communities we live and operate in. In our case this means giving our Franchise Partners the skills and know-how to operate profitably and the wisdom to choose how they use that profit. This way both business and community benefit.”

Founding directors Steve Bolton, Nick Carlile and Richard Davis have combined their experience of property investing with a passion for mentoring and training. The business franchise model enables partners to learn and develop their business skills, manage their portfolios profitably, share their knowledge and experience and then to participate in charitable or active citizenship. For example, all three directors are Patrons of Peace One Day, the UN-ratified international campaign to make 21st September a focus for the cessation of conflict, and the Platinum Partners Foundation channels support to projects in Uganda, India and Toxteth.

Last September, Caroline Marsh, one of PPP's foundation franchise partners, was chosen to appear on C4's 'The Secret Millionaire', and since then has been involved in a number of national business, entrepreneurial and charity campaigns and events.  Highlights have included being on the judging panel for 'Enterprising Young Brits 2009' and working alongside Esther Rantzen for the '4Children' charity's Family Commission.  Her speaking engagements around the UK have ranged from inspiring young people to be more entrepreneurial in their thinking, to encouraging other businesspeople and property investors.

Steve Bolton continues: “I would like to know whether ‘smart altruism’ is alive and well in the UK. Judging by the conversations I am having, there is a growing desire for ‘more to life than business’ and people are realising that this very ethos can help their businesses. It’s now up to us as corporate leaders to kick-start economic recovery in new and imaginative ways.”

Guest article submitted by Sarah Walker, Platinum Property Partners
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