Guest Article from Jill Treloggen: Everyone Just Loves a Show Home!

publication date: Dec 8, 2008
author/source: Guest article from Jill Treloggen

We are a nation of home lovers who enjoy nothing more than exploring other peoples, and where better to find the epitome of style than a show home?   But there's more to show homes than first meets the eye.  They play a critical role in a housing developments success.  We've asked Interior Designer Jill Treloggen to explain the thought process that designers go through to get it right.

When people move home, they typically have a list of criteria they are looking for in a property - will it suit their lifestyle and satisfy their aspirations?  Will there be enough space?  Can each of the rooms meet their needs?  Compared to an empty house, a show home will offer the answers to these questions.  It is therefore vital that the design and furnishings are put together with the potential market very much in mind.

For us, the designers, we have to take all these factors into account - it's not about the latest look or colour scheme, but about appealing to the target market, being sympathetic to the style and architecture of the property and creating a scheme that will have the wow factor whilst still appealing to as many people as possible.

Many people buying a new build home aspire to all the luxury and comfort it can offer, and it's up to the designers to provide them with a taste of the lifestyle they are buying into.  City centre pads aimed at young professionals need a contemporary scheme, with lifestyle accessories and gadgets.  A four bedroom country property for young families may need some bedrooms staged with children in mind - never underestimate the strength of ‘pester power'!

The choice of furnishings and accessories must also reflect the value and status of the property - a £500,000 home needs to be furnished to standard potential buyers expect to find - cheap flat pack furniture and badly fitting curtains are not what buyers expect, or want to identify with.

There are also many practical issues that a well styled home can address.  With land at a premium, developers and architects are designing homes which maximise the space on the development as a whole - sometimes leading to rooms that are unusual in shape or features.  Furnishings demonstrate how space can be used and issues overcome.  For example, small bedrooms must demonstrate they can accommodate a single bed and storage - it can be risky staging such a room as a nursery as viewers may assume the room is not big enough for other uses.

A staged home has personality, style and warmth making it a more inviting prospect to buyers.  It shows how the space can be used, with the furnishings giving a sense of scale and proportion to the rooms.

For developers and estate agents a show home is a fantastic selling tool.  They draw potential buyers to the development in a way a site with empty buildings on simply will not - and viewings are of course the key to a sale!

Sites with show homes regularly sell quicker than those left un-staged because all the questions of lifestyle, space, features and benefits have been answered. 

We work with many local developers who recognise the benefits of presenting their homes in a stylish manner.   A well staged show home helps them stand out from the crowd and potential buyers remember their home in preference to another.

For further information visit Jill Treloggen Interiors or telephone 01993 700515.


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