Renovate a Bathroom for just £1,000!

publication date: Jun 11, 2009
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

If you become a canny shopper, you can do a great job remodelling your bathroom for just £1,000. This is also an ideal budget to consider if you are spending on a bathroom as a landlord to help attract new tenants!

What most people want from a bathroom is that it is clean and functional. What you also need to ensure is that anything you do is waterproof. If you don’t put the tiles on with the right adhesive, use the right grout, seal the bath, shower and sink properly and have waterproof flooring and have good ventilation, your bathroom will start to go downhill within months.

Bathroom Suites and Accessories
Bathroom suites can be bought from around £150. These are likely to be acrylic for the bath, but a good sink and loo. You can spend more if you want, but remember, in a bathroom it’s the little bits that add up very quickly and blow your budget. For example, once you’ve bought the suite you’ll need taps, a plug, a waste pipe and bath panels. All of these can add up to the same cost as the bath itself!

For a budget of £1,000 it’s best to leave the bathroom layout as is, especially if you are employing someone to fit it for you. Moving plumbing around adds a lot of time, effort and cost to the project.
It is incredibly important to get a shower that will last and is easy to repair. If you are putting a shower into a tenanted property, then make sure you have a guarantee for at least two or more years on the shower and its working parts, it will save you a fortune if something goes wrong. Take advice from a local plumber they will help advise on whether you should have an electric shower, or one that works off the mains. Always choose a shower that has a thermostat, even if you are on your own. There is nothing worse than having a lovely hot shower which goes freezing cold when someone else goes to the loo or turns a tap on!

Walls and Tiles
Most bathroom suites are a fairly boring, but practical white. Waste pipes and taps are usually silver or gold in colour. So it’s down to the colour of your walls and tiles to add colour to your bathroom! Look through magazines, or even nose at friends' bathrooms (best get their permission though....) and decide on a colour scheme you like.

You can either paint over old tiles, or even tile over old tiles. However, if you want to do a proper job, take the current tiles off and re-skim the wall (with plaster that can withstand the moisture from a bathroom). If you have an old property, make sure the walls are as straight as they can be and if you can’t do much, consider employing a specialist tiler who will ensure that the tiles are cut to the required measurements. Tilers can cost around £200 per day, but they should quote you a fixed price for the job and give you a guarantee. Make sure they are members of the Tile Association.

As well as tiles and walls, flooring can bring a bathroom to life and define its feel such as modern or cottage like. Many people go for laminate these days, but it’s a poor choice for a bathroom, whatever the salesman tells you! It doesn’t last and will ruin your bathroom renovation within months or a year. Ideally go for solid tiles or find a vinyl that you like.

Final Touches
Bathrooms are great to add those little extra touches, from shower curtains to shower screens, candles, low lighting and accessories such as a bath mats and sumptuous towels. All of these can be done on a budget, or if you want to really ‘splash out’, they can be great presents for Xmas or birthday.

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