Private Sale of House

publication date: Sep 9, 2011
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Private Sale of House

Sell a Property Privately

There are around 7% of private house sales in the UK and despite the rise of the internet, private house sales don't appear to have increased much, if at all. If you are considering a private house sale, follow our top five independent tips to successfully selling your house privately in the UK.

Top Tip One - You can use an estate agent and try to sell it privately!

Many people don't realise if you have the right legal agreements you can offer your house for private sale and engage an estate agent at the same time. You do need to have the right terms and conditions to do so and have to agree with the estate agent how to track buyers introduced to you. If you have any queries over how to do this, then contact us FOR FREE.

Top Tip Two - Make sure you price your property fairly

Don't just try to sell privately because you don't believe that the agent will sell it for as much as they can - they usually will and it's their duty! If you think they haven't then you can report them to the redress scheme they legally MUST belong to. As sellers, we usually believe our property is worth more than everyone elses on the street. Unless there is something substantially different about your property such as an enormous garden or more bedrooms than other properties, just because it has a conservatory or a new bathroom doesn't mean it'll sell for a lot more. So be realistic about what it's worth. If you don't, you'll be wasting your money and no-one will visit!

Top Tip Three - Before you put the property up for sale, have an Energy Performance Certificate ready

It is illegal in the UK to market a property via private sales websites or directories such as Gumtree without an up to date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). EPCs last around 10 years, so if you are selling a property that has been rented out then you may have an EPC you can already use. Make sure it is available for anyone who asks and ideally if you can, post it on the net.

Top Tip Four - Safety first, protect yourself and your property

If you advertise your property on a private house sale website you open your property up to someone looking at it that might think it's a good opportunity to break in. If you aren't organising your viewings through an estate agent, then it might mean the person could try all sorts of things to get you out of the property so they can steal whatever they like.

As such NEVER let anyone view the property without you being there, or allow them to look around the property on their own if you have any valuables that people could have easy access to.

Top Tip Five - Track the sale

If you do manage to sell the property yourself, then it is worth making sure you write down all the steps the buyer needs to make to purchase your property and everything you need to do, so you can track how the purchase of your property is doing.

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