New Build Buyers get more Protection!

publication date: Mar 24, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

New Consumer Code to Protect New Build Buyers

For all home buyers of new build properties on and after the 1st April 2010 (including reserving a plot and newly converted properties) a new Consumer Code will help ensure if there are any difficulties or disputes, buyers will have access to third party help.

The new Consumer Code was formed by an agreement between NHBC and MD Insurance Services Ltd (trading as Premier Guarantee and LABC New Home Warranty). However, builders and developers need to be registered with them for the Consumer Code to be adopted.

The Code will apply to "complaints arising and made within two years of the date of legal completion of the first purchase". However the Code does not apply to:-

  • Second-hand properties (for example, homes taken by Home Builders in part exchange and re-sold);
  • Properties acquired by registered social landlords;
  • Properties acquired by corporate bodies and partnerships and others for investment purposes;
  • Property built by self builders for their own occupation;
  • Properties built under architects’ certificates.

The Code and the associated Dispute Resolution Scheme do not apply to:-

  • Personal injury claims;
  • Loss of property value or blight;
  • Claims relating to the land conveyed and its its registered area;
  • Claims where the amount of redress claimed exceeds the limits of the Dispute Resolution Scheme

For more information about how the dispute service works, visit The Consumer Code for Home Builders.  

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