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Lettings Insurance

publication date: Jun 14, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Lettings Insurance

Your landlord may, and should, have various insurances in place, some of which are specifically designed to protect the tenant and other the landlord. These are the key lettings insurance policies:-

  • Property owner’s liability covers tenants, their guests and other visitors against death, injury or damage whilst at the property. 
  • Emergency cover for urgent repairs, such as to a gas boiler
  • Buildings insurance – which will always be in place if a mortgage is involved.
  • Limited contents cover – not including a tenant’s possessions.

The landlord would normally pay for Buildings Insurance and Limited Contents cover, which can include emergency cover. It’s a good idea however if you take out insurance yourself, for your own belongings and in case you or anyone damages the property.

Insurance companies often charge more for covering possessions in a rented property as they are frequently – particularly for student lets – targeted by thieves.  Students and other tenants often have many valuable portable items, such as laptops, hi-fis and MP3 players.

It will help if you can:-

  • Make an inventory of everything you own, so you know how much to insure for and have a list in case anything goes missing.
  • Keep receipts of anything you buy.
  • Negotiate with your landlord to improve the locks and other security devices.
  • Obtain several quotes – some brokers, local authorities and student organisations have special policies or schemes.

It may not be your own home, but treat it as though it is, and keep your possessions, and yourself, safe!

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