Attention all Landlords – Act on Climate Change now and Save Money!

publication date: Dec 11, 2009
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Attention all Landlords – Act on Climate Change now and Save Money!


Climate change is upon us, most scientists, weathermen and politicians around the world now agree. Even America and China, who have been slow to react are now taking climate change seriously and the man made cause - CO2 emissions, need to be brought under control.
As a landlord though, there are questions to be asked. Is it your responsibility or the tenants? After all it is the tenant that will benefit from savings in their utility bills, so surely they should take the financial burden? Haven’t Energy Performance Certificates already proved that tenants don’t really care about how energy efficient a home is? After all, they rarely ask to see one, as long as the property is the size they want, in the location they want and at a price they can afford.

Why should landlords bother?
It’s a fair question, after all you run a business and with many landlords’ home values crashing over the last few years, is there any point in spending any more money on the homes you own?

Probably the best way to answer this is to ask yourself another question ‘have you implemented any energy saving initiatives at home’? If so, how much did you save? The fact is that as landlords we seem to spend our whole time taking care of our tenants’ properties, rather than our own. For example, no tenant can legally rent a home without a gas safety certificate or an electrical certificate (or you as the landlord sign it off). However, have you applied the same checks to your own homes? Isn’t it a slightly crazy system that says it’s more important to protect a tenant from a gas explosion or an electrical fire than it is ourselves, or more importantly, our children?

And it’s the same with energy efficient measures. Times are changing, energy efficiency IS becoming more important. Let’s face it, utility bills aren’t going to go down, just up.

Read my next energy saving article to find out What and How you Can Save!

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