Checklist for Choosing House Books

publication date: Jul 25, 2011

House Books

Checklist for Choosing House Books

When choosing a house book, it is essential to look at the credentials of the person who has written about their chosen subject. For example, lots of celebrities get other people to write their books for them. There is nothing wrong in this, Kate Faulkner, author of six property books, including four for Which? the consumer organisation, started her house books' writing career by writing for Ann Maurice, the UK's one and only House Doctor. Kate had carried out some consulting work for Ann and she had asked her to write ‘The Property Book' for her.

Many people who tend to write property books though do so not from working in the industry or really understanding every step of the process. Most write from their own experience, which is often part of the industry, for example, they were an estate agent for a few years, or are a journalist who has written for newspapers and magazines, but never actually worked in the property market at all.

So, here's our quick checklist for authors of house books to make sure they know their stuff and are writing from experience, rather than writing about things they've searched on the internet for or found a few people to help them, without knowing how to spot good advice from bad:-

House Book Author's Checklist:-

Check One
Have they written the book themselves?

Check Two
If they are not the author of the house book who has written if for them? Has the co-author of the house book worked in the house industry and if not, are they using relevant industry contacts for their research, such as estate agents, planning experts, surveyors, interior designers.

Check Three
How up to date is the book? When buying, stamp duty can change once or twice a year, building regulations or planning permission rules can change, so does the book give you access to websites to keep you up to date?

Check Four
Are they realistic? If the house books are about property investment, then is it offering you ‘financial freedom' for a £1 or to be a ‘property millionaire within a year'? If so, the house book is more likely to be about something that can't really be done, or it's being ‘sold' so it can be given away on a site in return for your email address. Be wary!

Check Five
Is it really a best seller? Many a house book claims to be the ‘best seller'. The best way to check for this is to find out how many times it has been reprinted and who by. If it's self printed, rather than through a publishing company, then it's likely to be only one edition. A house book which is really successful will have been printed and updated three or more times over the last five or more years.

So think you've found a house book you'd like to buy? Would you like us to review it for you? Why not email us the house book's title and ISBN number and we'll take a look at it for you and send you our thoughts plus our recommendations.

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