Grade II Listed Property Legal Advice

publication date: Aug 3, 2011
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books
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Grade II Listed Building

Grade II Listed Property Legal Advice

If you own a Grade II Listed Property or are thinking of buying one, it is vital to get the right property legal advice to help make sure you don't renovate the property or make any changes that might me you accidentally break the law!

The very first person you should turn to for property legal advice should be free and that's your local housing officer who is in charge of making sure owners look after their properties properly. Not all conservation officers are the same. Some may allow you to make more changes to your Listed property than others, some may be very reticent from a legal advice perspective to let you do anything to it at all.

If you are having problems seeking property legal advice when it comes to your Grade II Listed property, the best place to turn is to the ‘Listed Property Owners Club. These chaps are experts across the UK when it comes to the giving property legal advice. They know from the experience of many Grade II Listed property owners what a nightmare any changes can be or how involved the property legals are when buying such an old property which might have many legal restrictions in the deeds that an ordinary legal company might not be aware of.

So if you need any Grade II Listed legal advice, then why not contact us, your local conservation officer, or join the Listed Property Owners Club.


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