First Time Buyers Advice in the UK

publication date: May 7, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

First Time Buyers Advice in the UK

Many first time buyers don’t know what advice is available to them in the UK, nor do they know what advice to trust from which property companies!

That’s why Kate Faulkner, Managing Director of Designs on Property Ltd launched to help first time buyers find out what advice you need and more importantly what questions you need to ask, who to trust and where to get help and advice on anything from who to talk to about mortgages to where to look for properties, and how and when to make an offer and what to do if things start to go pear shaped.

Follow Kate’s mini UK first time buyers advice below to help you on your first steps to securing your new home!

Step One: Sort your Mortgage
Make sure you work hard to secure a mortgage. Don’t just rely on visiting your local bank, make sure you talk to an independent financial advisor and a specialist mortgage broker.

Step Two: Advice on what to Look for in a Property
It can be a bit daunting turning up to someone else’s home and then start asking questions or knowing exactly what to look for. Most buyers don’t take the right advice from property experts and as a result, they don’t ask the right questions or look for problems with the property. It is essential to think about the property as a ‘building’ first and foremost.

Buildings can leak, have cracks, damp, have dodgy wiring and boilers that are too old. So make sure you look out for these things rather than just think about whether you like the property or not and if your sofa will fit!

Step Three: Advice on Estate Agents!
Some buyers get on the wrong side of agents by accusing them of things they haven’t done. For example, if the agent doesn’t have a property that you want at a price that you can afford it is not necessarily their fault – so don’t blame them, work with them to try and say what properties/streets you like and may be they can target them for you.

Keep in regular touch, such as two to three times a week and always pop in for a ‘chat’ if you are passing. That way you will always be ‘top of their mind’ when a property match comes in.

Step Four: Get to know what you need to do and when!
There are over 75 things you need to do to buy a home. It’s not impossible, but if you want to make sure you do it correctly, then it’s essential that you understand every step and make sure you are ready at every stage of the buying process.

Step Five: Don’t rush into buying!
Whatever anybody tells you, you should take your time looking and buying your first property. Don’t allow anyone to rush you to make an offer. It’s better to let prices go up a little and pay a bit more, but be sure of your purchase than to risk buying quickly and then pulling out of the purchase because it isn’t what you wanted!


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