Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell your Home

publication date: Jan 19, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell your Home

An Estate Agent
While the property market was booming, it wasn’t difficult to choose an estate agent to sell your home. Buyers were desperately chasing any property that came onto the market from any agent.

In 2010 it’s a different story. There aren’t the number of buyers there used to be and being honest, there aren’t the number of agents either! As the number of properties for sale has halved, many agents have gone out of business or turned to lettings to try and keep their business afloat.

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In the new property era, it is essential that you choose an agent that has already sold properties similar to your own. There is no point choosing an agent that sells properties for under £150,000 when your property is worth over £400,000! They just won’t attract the type of buyers you need.

The crucial part of choosing an agent is finding one that has already sold similar properties to yours, even in a difficult selling environment. Good agents will know the buyers that are out there and what they are able to pay for your property. You might want £300,000 for your property, but if there are only buyers out there that can offer £250,000 you’d only be wasting yours (and everyone elses) time if you put your property on the market at an unrealistic price. So if you have three agents value your home and one says it’s worth £275k, the other two £250k, then in this market, it’s important to ignore agents that are still overvaluing!

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Next it’s important to think about the level of service you want. Do you just want an agent that advertises your property on-line, in their window and the local newspaper? If so you can look at the new breed of estate agents that will offer this service, usually at a fixed price upfront. An example of this is Move and Save.

If you want an agent though that will look after every detail for you, including doing all the viewings and chasing the buyer to ‘progress the sale’, then you’ll need to find an agent that’s firstly, happy to do this and secondly, has people whose job it is to progress sales. There are companies with ‘call centre sales progression’ but I’m afraid my feedback is that these don’t really work. You need someone in the local agent’s office who will make the calls and knows how to chase everyone involved in the purchase/sale of a property.

The agents that tend to offer this full service are independent local agents that have been around for many years. Their agency may be new, but the agents themselves have probably worked in the area for 10 or more years.

Finally, you need to make sure that the agent is financially secure, as many still have cashflow problems due to the lack of sales and property price falls.

To choose an agent:-

Contact us by email or tel 0845 838 1763, we will aim to find an agent that will deliver the service you need.

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