Guest Article from Liz Lucking: Property Preparation for the Rental Market

publication date: Mar 29, 2009
author/source: Guest article by Liz Lucking, Westone Housing Services

When a couple get together and they each own a property, they have to make a decision, which property do we live in and which one do we rent out.

Obviously the one you live in is the one you are both happy to be together in, but sometimes the one you rent out is the one that is in the most sought after area and is easily accessible to local shops or businesses.

Rental properties have to comply with certain issues, that are never an issue when living in the property yourself.

• In the kitchen there has to be a tiled splash back area to all work surfaces
• There should be no electric sockets over lapping the cooking area
• There should be at least 300ml of work surface either side of the cooker or hob
• Tenants expect the kitchen to be modern and clean

• Try and supply a shower over the bath, either electric or mixer from the taps
• Tenants expect the bathroom suite to be clean and tidy may be change the toilet seat before viewings start
• If tiles are dated, think about removal and replacement with large tiles to give the appearance of a larger room

• Redecorate throughout in a neutral colour, this will encourage the tenant to keep it tidy through their tenancy

• Replace pendant fitting with shades for spotlights, this gives a better illusion of height to a room and avoids dust gathering on the lamp shades

• Replace flooring in hallways to either vinyl with a fitted doormat or dark laminate. This has a longer tenancy life than carpet and the tenant will be able to keep it cleaner.
• If the lounge flooring is in need of changing, then I would recommend replacing it with dark coloured laminate
• In wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, make sure the flooring is vinyl. However tidy a tenant is there are always spillages to these areas.

Window Dressings
• Even if the window dressings you have are of good quality, if they are coloured or have a personal pattern, which matches your duvet set, this will be off putting to a tenant. Remove and use in your own property if you want, but replace with stainless steel poles and ring top curtains. I suggest these types of curtains because there is no resistance when pulling the curtains too, unlike normal plastic tracks with the drawstring top curtains.

You might be thinking, 'I can’t do all that', well if you approach any major letting agent in your area, they should be able to help put you in contact with a reliable maintenance business.  In Peterborough, one such letting agent Belvoir Lettings, has a relationship with Westone Housing Services. Westone Housing Services carries out all aspects of property maintenance and can get your property ready for the rental market in a very short space of time.

Liz Lucking, owner of Westone Housing Services said “Even if Belvoir start marketing the property before work begins, as soon as the potential tenants see work start, they usually apply”.  We pride ourselves in transforming properties either for the rental market or for homeowners.

We keep a portfolio record on our website of all the makeovers, so that new clients can see the standard of work we achieve.

Guest article submitted by Liz Lucking, Westone Housing Services
01733 320500

Please Note:-
The views expressed in this article are of Westonehousing and not necessarily agreed with or supported by Designs on Property Ltd.


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