Guest Article from Liz Lucking: Prepare Before You Sell Your Home

publication date: Mar 28, 2009
author/source: Guest article by Liz Lucking, Westone Housing Services

When we decide to sell a property what do we do first. Call in an estate agent to get a valuation? Most of us do and they will advise us to get the property on the market straight away (subject to arranging a HIPS since the new ruling came out).

Well may be we should have a re-think on getting the agent in.  If we know that we want to sell our house, wouldn’t it be better to make sure that we will sell the property in the shortest timescale available and not string it out and have loads of viewers making us keep the property tidy and not having that lived in look.

Before putting your property on the open market, take a good look around as if you were seeing it for the first time. Would you like to buy your property?

Take a look at the following areas in particular:-

• Flooring – either have carpets wet cleaned or replace with new, this could cost a few hundred pounds but buyers will see this as a benefit
• Redecoration – if walls are looking tired then redecorate throughout in a neutral colour, this helps buyers imagine there own furniture in your property better
• Window dressings – try and keep to a neutral colour scheme, even if you purchase new curtains to get this effect, this can then be covered by your asking price
• Kitchen – if the kitchen is starting to look dated then perhaps remove and replace the work surfaces and install a new stainless steel sink and taps . This will give the impression that the kitchen is newer than it is.
• Bathroom – look at the condition of the grouting and either clean or re-grout. Reseal around the bath making it look clean and fresh and if the bath and basin taps are looking lime scaled or worn then replace these too.
• Externally - give the garden a general tidy

Arrange with a local maintenance company that can do all your requirements and not have several contractors all coming at different times. Peterborough based Westone Housing Servies is one such business. They deal with all issues of property maintenance and cover a large area outside of Peterborough.

Once you have done all these things then check to see what similar properties in your area have sold for. To do this log on to the internet site, enter your postcode and this will list the actual sales and not what the owner told you they sold it for. There is always a slight porky told when telling someone what you sold for.

When you have this information assess the property market as it is now and remember the completion date on means that the offer was made probably 3 months previously, so most people know how the property market has been, so there is a need to be realistic.

Is this when you call the estate agent? Yes, unless you feel that you could do it yourself, in which case to get the full internet marketing experience, it is advisable to go through an agent who charges an up front price to list your property on all the major websites plus its own.  Peterborough based Houses2order have a national website for just that purpose.
There is an up front charge of £300 plus VAT to take property details and a mini movie if requested, load all  the details on the major property selling web sites and there own website.  They will pass on your details to potential buyers and you then arrange the viewing and all the selling paperwork with solicitors, which Houses2order can provide.

So the next time you wish to put your property on the market, take your time and increase the value of your property with some minor upgrades and maybe try and sell it yourself first before incurring estate agent fees.

Guest article submitted by Liz Lucking, Westone Housing Services
01733 320500

Please Note:-
The views expressed in this article are of Westonehousing and not necessarily agreed with or supported by Designs on Property Ltd.

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