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Stick or Twist?

publication date: Feb 12, 2009
author/source: Provided by kind permission of Mark Hemshell, Landlord & Buy-to-let
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Surviving the credit crunch is proving a challenge for everyone, not just landlords. So will 2009 offer good opportunities to expand your portfolio, or will it be better to sit tight? If you do buy, where might you find the best opportinities?

First let's try and learn from the 1990's downturn. If you'd bought a London flat for £50,000 in 1992's chilly market, according to the HBOS House Price Calculator, it would be worth £161,325 today - even allowing for price falls in 2008. That's a pleasing 222% gain in 16 years.

Of course, 1992 prices and rents were much smaller, but the Bank of England base rate was a staggering 10%. So let's appraise today's different investment climate.

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